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This blog is to record the doings, sayings etc. of this highly-influential self-publicising doctor. We are interested in facts only. Every second sentence from him has Yale in it, but it appears that his attachment to this noble institution is not with superglue but with Pritstik. He doesn’t work there and apparently is not paid by it.

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Who funds him?

David Katz disclosed giving talks sponsored by or doing research for the California Walnut Commission, Egg Nutrition Center, Hershey’s, Almond Board, Quaker Oats, KIND, Juice Plus, NBTY, Direct Digital, and SmartyPants. He is also the chief science officer of NuVal and has written several books on nutrition.

-source http://www.medpagetoday.com/PrimaryCare/DietNutrition/56227

California Walnut Commission

Egg Nutrition Centre


Almond Board

Quaker Oats

Kind (of Kind Bars)
http://linkis.com/www.today.com/video/AK3CC at 1:30

Juice Plus

NBTY (Formerly Nature’s Bounty)

Direct Digital LLC (supplement brands)

Below is a very comprehensive list of activities.


SmartyPants (Vitamins)

Invented NuVal a nutrition-scoring system biased towards low-fat and
ignoring various amounts of sugar etc. It is to say the least, controversial.
Gave evidence in favour of sugar-company Chobani.


Painting himself into a corner:

Dr. David L. Katz, of the Yale Prevention Research Center in Derby, Conn., has strongly steered his patients away from the Atkins diet.

“All major organizations involved in nutrition recommend a saturated fat intake maximally half of what Atkins is now recommending, namely 10% of calories,” Katz said. “Most such groups and I share this view and recommend a total [regular] fat intake of approximately 20% to 25% of calories.” Katz says the threshold chosen by the Atkins camp is clearly excessive.
-Source http://www.forbes.com/2004/01/22/cx_0122health.html

Reducing the fat intake to that level necessitates a rise in carbohydrate consumption, something that happened. Now, until the “Guidelines” first came in, it was generally accepted for 100 years or so in medicine that starches were fattening, at least in a mixed diet. In fact carbohydrates were reduced in the standard weight-reducing diet employed everywhere. How did they suddenly become slimming? HOW?


January 2004.

Atkins Leads in Food Fight: From Dr.Katz’s website.
The controversial low-carb Atkins diet may have been the clear winner in a study comparing four popular diets – but don’t expect Tuesday’s findings in the Journal of the American Medical Association to end the long-running food fight over the best way to shed pounds. “You lose weight if you have cholera, too,” said Dr. David Katz, director and co-founder of the Yale Prevention Research Center and a longtime critic of the Atkins diet. “You can’t measure overall health by a few cardiac risk factors.”
March 7, 2007 | The Hartford Courant

But what about the fact that the Atkins’ diet did lower weight the most, while also improving cholesterol and blood pressure? Doesn’t that mean it’s “healthy?” If so, then cholera, cancer, and chemotherapy are healthy, because all of these tend to lower weight, blood cholesterol, and blood pressure, too. Cocaine use would likely work far better than the Atkins’ diet for weight loss and cholesterol reduction over a 12-month period; that scarcely makes it a good idea.


2007-03-11 Why Atkins Was Wrong – David Katz

The above article is probably his worst ever.


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https://shootingthemessenger.wordpress.com/all-thats-fit-to-shoot/page/2/ search for Katz in this.

The review below was left by another unrelated Katz. I don’t think
he liked the oeuvre much.
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If this is unclear it reads as follows.

Horrible, Most Horrible
by Abram E. Katz on April 8, 2016.
Format Hardcover, Verified Purchase.
I bought this to see what justified the author, Dr.David Katz (no relation to me) to give himself anonymous rave reviews in the Huffington Post. This book is not good. In fact, this is perhaps the worst book I have ever purchased. Literally. The contrived languages and histories struck me as unhelpful and banal. I can see why Katz wrote this under an obvious pseudonym. This volume may have utility as an example of how not to structure, write and plan fiction. I set it aside as I think is is to bad it might valuable one day, decades from now. The words “Book 1” fill me with horror. His newspaper essays, which are bylines, are passable although frequently overwritten and too long. A compilation of these essays would have been orders of magnitude better than this thing.

Below is his own selfpraise.

Five Stars: A source of great pleasure, a light to banish shadows-
By David L Katz on February 16 2014.
Format Hardcover: Verified Purchase.
I found the writing- prose that nonetheless managed to hint at epic poetry- as enthralling as the story was riveting in reVision. Colleen McCullough meets John Milton: Yeats meets Yourcenar in the blend of rollicking adventure with utopian aspiration. J.K.Rowling meets Gene Roddenberry. Where characters are vividly rendered and complex ideas distilled to stunningly simple clarities. Dickens meet Dawkins. As a clash of other worlds illuminates the better ways our world might be. Plato’s Republic meets Lord of the Rings. Where lyrically beautiful writing and deep currents of humanism traverse expanses of law and folklore, science and faith, passion and politics- the Bible, Bill of Rights and Bhagavad Gita commingle. I love a good epic adventure, and had a great deal of fun reading reVision- falling in love with several characters along the way. But I also finished with a sense of illumination from a deep source- and the gift of fewer shadows in my corners. The most opportune comparison may be to truly great wine. There are depths and complexities to reward those inclined to seek them. But there is also a great and simple pleasure, readily accessible to all.

his reaction…

Following queries from Peter (Heimlich), Amazon and the Huff Post pulled Katz’s reviews. Rather than admit he was wrong, thus allowing the story to die a quick and quiet death, Katz went on the attack, claiming – wait for it – that a “cabal” backed by “the beef industry” was working to undermine the work of the 2015 US Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee (DGAC). The reaction of Dean Sterling Jones was “This was news to me, not least because I’ve been vegetarian almost 15 years.

Detailed Interests, Conflicts etc.

Rescued from Web Archives…

Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 13.37.51 Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 13.36.40 Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 13.36.11 Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 13.35.54 Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 13.35.40 Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 13.35.27



Dr. David Katz.

Director, Yale University Prevention Research Center

Dr. David L. Katz, MD, MPH, FACPM, FACP, has been the Chief Scientific Advisor of Direct Digital LLC since May 23, 2013. Dr. Katz has been Senior Advisor of GoNoodle, Inc., since September 20, 2012. He serves as the Chief Science Officer for NuVal LLC. He serves as a Clinical Instructor in Medicine at the Yale School of Medicine. He founded Yale University’s Prevention Research Center in 1998 and serves as its Director. He serves as the Principal Inventor of the Overall Nutritional Quality Index utilized in the NuVal(tm) nutrition guidance program. He has served as a Consultant to the World Health Organization on scientific evidence standards for complementary/alternative and traditional medicine. He founded Integrative Medicine Center at Griffin Hospital in 2000 and serves as its Director. Dr. Katz has been the Chairman of Scientific Advisory Council and Member of Scientific Advisory Council of NBTY, Inc. since February 12, 2015. He serves as Member of Nutrition & Health Advisory Board at Eating Well, Inc He serves as a Member of Medical Board at SmartyPants, Inc. He serves as a Member of Medical Advisory Board at HW, LLC. He serves as a Member of Advisory Board at Linkwell Health, Inc. He is a Board Certified Specialist in both Internal Medicine, and Preventive Medicine/Public Health, and Associate Professor (adjunct) in Public Health Practice at the Yale University School of Medicine. He serves as an Editor-in-Chief of the journal Childhood Obesity, President-Elect of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine, and Founder of the non-profit Turn the Tide Foundation. He is the Principal Inventor of the Overall Nutritional Quality Index utilized in NuVAL nutrition guidance program. Dr. Katz is also a Fellow of the American College of Preventive Medicine (FACPM), and the American College of Physicians (FACP). He has published roughly 150 scientific articles and is the author of twelve books. Dr. Katz has authored two editions of a leading nutrition textbook. His television appearances have included Good Morning America, Oprah, Katie Couric, The Today Show, 20/20, 48 HOURS, ABC World News Tonight, NiteBeat, PBS, CNN, The BBC, NPR Radio, The Montel Williams Show, The History Channel, and VH1. He holds a BA from Dartmouth College, MD from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, and his Masters of Public Health (MPH) from Yale University School of Public Health.


Griffin Hospital

President, American College of Lifestyle Medicine

Not a member of DGAC.
City, Darby.


2007 Advisory Group National Heart Lung & Blood (AHA Affiliate)

Dr. David Katz’s Flavor-Full Diet: Use Your Tastebuds to Lose Pounds and Inches with this Scientifically Proven Plan
The Flavor Point Diet: The Delicious, Breakthrough Plan to Turn Off Your Hunger and Lose the Weight for Good
The Way to Eat: A Six-Step Path to Lifelong Weight Control
Nutrition in Clinical Practice: A Comprehensive, Evidence-Based Manual for the Practitioner (Nutrition in Clinical Practice), 2nd Edition

Conflicts of Interest: No 1.
Member of Scientific Advisory Council, NBTY, Inc.

NBTY, Inc. manufactures, distributes, markets, and retails vitamins, minerals, herbs, specialty supplements, and sports/active nutrition products (VMHS) in the United States and internationally. The company operates in four segments: Consumer Products Group, Holland & Barrett International, Puritan’s Pride, and Vitamin World. The Consumer Products Group segment manufactures and markets VMHS products to mass merchandisers, club stores, drug store chains, supermarkets, online retailers, independent pharmacies, health food stores, military, and other retailers in the United States. Its brands include Nature’s Bounty, Sundown, Pure Protein, Solgar, Body Fortress, Osteo Bi-Flex, MET-Rx, Balance Bar, Ester-C, American Health, Home Health, and SISU. The Holland & Barrett International segment operates as a VMHS specialty retailer in the United Kingdom. As of September 30, 2015, it operated 843 Holland & Barrett stores, including 744 company-owned stores in the United Kingdom and Ireland; and franchised stores comprising 33 in China, 28 in Singapore, 16 in the United Arab Emirates, 10 in Cyprus, 5 in Malta, 4 in Kuwait, 2 in Spain, and 1 in Gibraltar. This segment also operated 161 De Tuinen stores, including cobranded stores in the Netherlands, 18 Essenza stores in Belgium, and 49 GNC and MET-Rx branded stores in the United Kingdom, as well as retail Websites. The Puritan’s Pride segment offers VMHS products, and selected health and beauty products under the Puritan’s Pride brand, as well as third party products through its Internet platform and mail-order catalogs. It operated 6 active Websites in 4 languages. The Vitamin World owned and operated 385 Vitamin World stores that sell proprietary brand and third-party VMHS products. The company was formerly known as Nature’s Bounty, Inc. and changed its name to NBTY, Inc. in 1995. NBTY, Inc. was founded in 1971 and is headquartered in Ronkonkoma, New York. NBTY, Inc. is a subsidiary of Alphabet Holding Company, Inc.


No 2.

Chief Scientific Advisor, Direct Digital LLC

Direct Digital LLC develops and markets wellness and nutritional supplements in North America and internationally. The company offers Instaflex Joint Support, a joint health formula that supports healthy joint function; Instaflex Bone Support to strengthen bones, improve bone density, and support natural bone development; Instaflex Multivitamin, a total body formula; and Instaflex Muscle Support to reduce cramping, decrease soreness, and help speed muscle recovery. It also provides Lumiday Mood Support to support emotional well-being; Nugenix Testosterone Booster, an all natural dietary supplement that helps human body to increase its free testosterone levels; Nugenix Prostate Support to support healthy prostate function, improve urinary flow, and help to reduce frequent urination; and Nugenix DHEA to support healthy aging in men. The company primarily distributes its products through stores and online retailers in the United States, Canada, and Turkey. Direct Digital LLC was founded in 2009 and is based in Boston, Massachusetts with an additional location in Charlotte, North Carolina.


No 3.

Member of Advisory Board, Confidant, Inc.

Confidant, Inc. provides mobile health applications for chronic disease management. The company offers Confidant, a mobile phone-based diabetes management solution that collects patient data, and generates and sends feedback messages directly to the patient via cell-phone or personal computers. Its solution includes Connector device for recording and transmitting blood sugar readings from glucometers via GSM cellular networks; a software application for storing and managing patients’ data; and PC-interface module, which enables patients’ data to be graphically viewed on computers or PDAs connected through the Internet. Confidant, Inc. also focuses on developing a cell phone-based weight management tool. The company was formerly known as Palaistra Systems, Inc. and changed its name in January 2006. The company was founded in 2003 and is based in Honolulu, Hawaii.



No 4:
Member of Advisory Board, Linkwell Health, Inc

MLinkwell Health, Inc. provides health tips and advice along with coupons from various consumer brands for consumers in the United States. The company collaborates with health plans, better-for-you brands, and retailers to inspire consumers to make healthier choices. It partners with various health plans to create a comprehensive consumer engagement platform that integrates actionable content with valuable coupons; and largest retailers to help them become whole-health destinations. The company’s targeted network, better-for-you coupons, and health and wellness content enables brands and grocers to attract customers. It reaches consumers through various health plans, direct mailings, Websites, microsites, e-mails, and mobile applications to deliver coupons and healthy-brand messages. The company serves consumers through its distribution network. Linkwell Health was founded in 2007 and is based in Needham, Massachusetts.



No 5.

Member of Advisory Board, HW, LLC

HW, LLC, doing business as EmpowHER Media, operates as a social health company for women. It offers EmpowHER.com that provides visitors access to women’s health and wellness content libraries on the Web, as well as the online community of women discussing their health and wellness issues; 1000Women campaign that enables women to spread their health advocacy messages; AllDoulas.com, a community of birth and postpartum doulas that provides a supportive atmosphere for doulas to discuss the industry’s topics, ask questions, and share experiences; and EmpowHERMedia.com/blog for discussing key insights in marketing to women, trends in online, and social media marketing for healthcare. The company introduces health and wellness marketers, and agency professionals to qualified and engaged female health consumers. It also provides services, such as content development of original videos, articles, slide shows, user-generated content, and custom sponsorship programs; video production in various formats to feature informative segments, experts, real consumers or patients, educational content, entertaining formats, or custom programming options; and interactive polls and surveys. In addition, the company provides services, which include articles, slideshows, and UGC; optimization and marketing, advertising and traffic, and social media; and content, resource center, newsletter, and community sponsorships. It serves health care marketers, which include health care providers/hospitals, pharmaceutical/OTC, medical device, consumer packaged goods, and health insurer/payers; and agency professionals, which include digital, marketing communications and PR, advertising, and media buying. HW, LLC was incorporated in 2008 and is based in Scottsdale, Arizona.


NO 6.

Member of Advisory Board, SmartyPants, Inc.


SmartyPants, Inc. develops and provides gummy vitamins for kids and adults. It offers multivitamin, prenatal vitamin, weight management, and fiber products. The company offers its products in bottles, travel packs, and monthly delivery. It offers its products through online stores. SmartyPants, Inc. was incorporated in 2009 and is based in Venice, California.


NO 7.

Senior Advisor, GoNoodle, Inc.

GoNoodle, Inc. provides online resource of health education tools, including lessons, interactive presentations, and additional resources to integrate health into any classroom. It offers HealthTeacher that provides an online health literacy curriculum with health lessons that incorporate knowledge points and skills aligned with NHES standards; and GoNoodle, a suite of Web-based games that are designed to bring physical activity breaks into elementary classrooms. The company’s research-based games, applications, and educational resources are designed to engage students and to provide data to measure and quantify their impact. Its lessons are organized under topic areas that address key subjects, such as bullying, physical activity, alcohol, tobacco, and drug use, mental health, and nutrition. The company’s tools are used by K-12 teachers, including classroom teachers, school nurses, guidance counselors, parent, kids, P.E. teachers to address important youth health issues, including physical activity, nutrition, and social and emotional well-being. Its health educators are involved in homeschooling, community-based health, and mental health centers, as well as school nurses. GoNoodle, Inc. was formerly known as HealthTeacher, Inc. and changed its name to GoNoodle, Inc. in 2013. The company was founded in 1999 and is based in Nashville, Tennessee.

No 8.
Senior Scientific Advisor, Kind Bars

No 9.

Chief science officer, NuVal, LLC

No 10
The Integrative Medicine Center

No 11.

GenoVive. On scientific advisory board.


No 12.

Founder, True Health Initiative

This is, without a doubt, a broad church. It consists of many who advocate a vegan, sorry, plant-based diet, serious neutral doctors, associational epidemiologists of the most conservative kind, a quack or two and a dietitian who is, er, rather controversial. It may be one of these periodic attempts to achieve a consensus which was written beforehand, a kind of politburo job. I can’t say because I haven’t the info.  One comrade had to leave because he published a book with an opinion which the leaders couldn’t stomach. It appears that the book contained the heretical message of Eat Fat Get Thin. The problem is, that having been virulently anti-Atkins in the past, the leaders cannot possibly admit they were wrong. Of course, they CAN, but they haven’t the gumption, or maybe they are afraid of future lawsuits…


What’s going on?

If you log into the Yale-Griffin Prevention Research Center

They appear to be successful in preventing research, or maybe it’s a book-keeping error, because there are plenty of publications, on the light side of serious research, one might say, but publications nonetheless, until 2009 and none documented since..

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 16.00.26


On the other hands, the heavy publications of Dr.Katz are meticulously detailed up to date.


You can also hire him to speak etc. and there is a link to the Cuisinicity site of his lady wife who’s a fine cook by the look of it. She had to be to maintain that manly chest!

There is also his “famous poem”. In this, saturated fat is sternly dealt with. No surprise there.


The reader may be assured that reading this poem may be followed by a craving for saturated fat, but that is a known side-effect. It may be just an association so one cannot infer causation at this point.


Strange Bedfellows. Mongagues and Capulets.
Running with the hounds and rubbing noses with the vegans.
True Health Initiative.

Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 17.18.00

Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 17.04.02

Dr.Katz rides to hounds, and good for him, but how can he associate with vegans, or rather, how can they associate with him? What’s in it for them?
Is it that they will associate with someone who has more of centre stage than them?
And, why does he associate with them?
Is it because their anti-saturated fat fatwa, unless it’s from avocados, and even some of them avoid that, fits in nicely with his thrashing around in a swimming pool full of successful Atkins trials hanging onto anyone who’ll keep him afloat? If the latter, then the presence of some others in this set-up might be explained… Walter Willett is one. From my reading of material he appears to have a bee in his bonnet, or perhaps in his moustache, about saturated fat.
Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 17.02.46

One would ask how could serious scientists like Katz and Willett associate with obligate-vegans when they know that were the population of the United States to adopt this dietary religion, that nutritional deficiencies which are widespread in America might, if you’ll pardon the use of a vegan verb, mushroom? But on the other hand, their carte-blanche for low-fat which diabetized half the US population would push any such negative outcome into the ha’penny place. Staggering from disaster to disaster with undiminished enthusiasm, perhaps. Willett has forsaken low-fat, and so has Katz nominally, but they have to keep the fatwa against satfat. A satfatwa. A sadfatwa as well.